A huge thank you to Ken and Craig for hosting me at Bisbee Books & Music for an author signing yesterday! I had an amazing time and turn out!

If you didn’t get a chance to visit yesterday, make a trip to Bisbee Books and Music a priority. They are an independent, veteran owned and operated bookstore. Come in and see why they were voted the “Best Specialty Store” in Bisbee for both 2020 and 2021! You’ll enjoy their selection of books, musical instruments and accessories, vinyl records, and toys and games for the whole family. They also have art supplies! You will not regret the trip!

The most meaningful takeaway from this book signing was not the number of books sold (which was also great!) but rather the people I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with. There was the transgendered teen who spoke at length with me about her fear of coming out to her mother; I wanted to wrap her in my arms and tell her it would all be okay, but…

There was the loving mother who bought my book to better understand her lesbian sister and then the raucous lesbian bridal party that came through whooping and hollering, dressed in bright pink shirts with “I’m with the brides” sewn across the front. One of them gave me a high five and then bought my book!

This group of young people plopped down on the bench in front of my table to watch the book trailer for Straight Enough. They were genuinely inquisitive and asked thoughtful questions. I had a delightful interaction with them. Each of them signed up for my mailing list and of course accepted some Hershey’s kisses!

Every person I met at the event left me with a little something; a thought, a word, a feeling and I’ll think back on those moments over and over.

Jeannie Martinez


Jeannie Martinez from St. Paul, Minnesota was the winner of the giveaway basket. Congratulations,

Jeannie and thank you for visiting Bisbee Books & Music and for buying TWO of my books! I hope you enjoy the coffee from Bisbee Coffee Company and the other Bisbee and Arizona treats inside!

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