We spent the evening the way we spent most evenings,

playing rummy , listening to music, stealing glances at one another.

It was nearly midnight when I drove you home. I pulled up to your apartment, parked.

We sat in awkward silence. I tried pushing my feelings down.

I shouldn’t love you, it wasn’t right. It was against nature, against god, the bible .

Besides, we were friends and we couldn’t be more. Until we were.

You turned my chin, we faced one another. I swallowed, closed my eyes .

I kissed you. You kissed me-Really kissed me. When I opened my eyes, you were crying.

“Robin?” you put the tips of your fingers on my lips.

“I’m okay,” you assured me. I wiped away your tears.

You pulled me into you.

I love you,” you whispered into my ear.

And I knew- I loved you, too.

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