Finalist List

Even if my writing only makes the finalist list, I still consider it a win*.

The journey of crafting words and ideas into a piece that stands out among many is challenging. It’s a testament to the dedication and effort an author pours into their work. It’s a milestone on the road to improvement and success. While winning is a fantastic achievement, making it to the finalist list is a source of motivation and encouragement to continue pursuing our aspirations with determination.


I want to encourage all fellow writers to keep submitting their work, regardless of whether they win or make it to the finalist list. The act of sharing your thoughts and stories with the world is a courageous endeavor. Rejections and near-misses are part of the process and can be valuable lessons that help us grow as writers. They remind us that even celebrated authors face setbacks on their path to success. So, don’t let fear of rejection deter you from sharing your creativity. Keep refining your stories and keep submitting. Your dedication and perseverance will ultimately be your most powerful allies on the road to achievement.

Thank You

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Women on Writing (Essay “Show Them Love”) and Oprelle Publications (Poem “Forgive the Rainbows”) for acknowledging my writing by placing it on their respective finalist lists. I am grateful for the opportunities these organizations and many others provide for writers to showcase our work and connect with a wider audience. Thank you for your invaluable support and for fostering a community where writers can thrive and continue to share their stories with the world.

(*Both my essay and poem were later published by other publications; “Show Them Love” and “Forgive the Rainbows.” So, don’t give up!)

From the very first pages, Lorinda Boyer’s pile of confessions moved me. Lorinda is a master with a pen. She incomparably describes what it feels like to be a Christian woman who must comply with fulfilling the role of being a perfect, dutiful wife and mother at any cost. No saints exist in the pages of this exceptionally written memoir, yet what stands out is the way Lorinda writes about how much her beliefs, confusion, and other people’s actions or lack of them affected her behavior. Overall, Straight Enough by Lorinda Boyer is a triumph of embracing one’s identity, redefining love, expressing one true self, and freeing oneself from feeling unworthy of love. It portrays ​a flawed, loving woman who repetitively struggles with excruciating guilt and thoughts that say she deserves to be punished by God.

Amanda from Reader’s Favorite

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