I accidentally came upon this post today:


Before looking at the date, I read it and thought well this must be super outdated. Not so much-June 11, 2019). Which honestly shouldn’t surprise me too much amidst what is happening in our country today. Obviously I do NOT agree with this article but I did have a thought or two.

I was mostly raised in the church. I know the Bible verses Christians use to condemn homosexuality, I sat through the guilt tripping sermons. This kind of argument is not new to me. But today as we are surrounded by negativity and division in our country (still), I would suggest that the LGBTQ community’s intentions behind the rainbow are not so different from those of the fundamentalist Christians’.

Indeed the Bible story of the flood tells a tale of God’s great mercy and patience with humankind and the rainbow promises never again will God flood the earth to wipe out humankind. The rainbow shows all of its colors bleeding into one another until it is almost undecipherable where one color begins and the other one ends. And this, I believe, is how God sees mankind-ALL THE SAME, BLEEDING ONE INTO ANOTHER…

I do not know the gentlemen who wrote this piece, and yet I do. If I could say one thing to him, to all of the “hims” out there it would be that no one can own the rainbow any more than one can own oxygen or gravity. But we can all look to it and know for sure that as long as we all remember we are the same in God’s eyes, we can have HOPE because ultimately the rainbow is a symbol of hope and hope seems to be all we have right now.🌈

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