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Lorinda Boyer

A memoir

Straight Enough

Lorinda Boyer strove continuously to be virtuous in the eyes of God and to live the life she believed He intended for her. She married her high school boyfriend at eighteen and had two kids by twenty-eight. Although she created a perfect Christian home for her family, she never felt wholly content in her role as wife and mother. Then her life intersected with Robin’s-the woman who would ultimately awaken her sexuality and show her true love for the first time. Struggling to come to terms with her sexual identity within the confines of her strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing, Lorinda is pushed into living a double life: one part perfect housewife and mother, the other part sexual addict. She soon finds herself in the fight for her life. More than a coming-out story, this is a coming-into story-coming into an authentic life and self.

Straight Enough

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A Bike Tale- from 2012

A Bike Tale- from 2012

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Lorinda Boyer is a Pacific Northwest native who spends her days writing, reading, and exploring with her wife Sandy and dog, Mollie. Lorinda’s journey through fundamentalist Christianity, sexual addiction, and eventual self-acceptance unfolds in her memoir, Straight Enough. More than a coming-out story this is a coming-into story—coming into an authentic life and self.

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