The challenge was to write four lined poems that rhymed and made some semblance of sense. Many of them appeared on my Instagram and Facebook but in case you missed them (ha, ha, ha!), here they are!


Drape the sky in shrouds.

Hover above the sun.

Puffy purple clouds,

The day has just begun.


Through bright blue eyes

I see the world.

Landscape of grand size.

Vast possibilities unfurled.


Naked toes nestled in clover.

White flowers sprinkled throughout.

Occasional bees buzz over.

Spring has sprung all about.


Mane of yellow gold

Face sun browned.

Ever gallant and bold,

As royalty to be crowned.


Bucky badger strode,

Down the leafy lane.

Home to his abode

Where he would remain.


Leaves slip silently from trees.

Falling softly to the ground.

Red carpet for natures parties,

A flamboyant playground.


Petals fall like confetti,

From tree soldiers in a row.

Arms arched strong and steady.

Spring departs in a glorious show.


A murder of crows

Black beaked and black feathered.

Perched in statuesque rows.

Upon sturdy branches tethered.


Washed upon the shore.

Nestled in a mound of sand.

A seashell is now decor.

Adorning salty white land.

From the very first pages, Lorinda Boyer’s pile of confessions moved me. Lorinda is a master with a pen. She incomparably describes what it feels like to be a Christian woman who must comply with fulfilling the role of being a perfect, dutiful wife and mother at any cost. No saints exist in the pages of this exceptionally written memoir, yet what stands out is the way Lorinda writes about how much her beliefs, confusion, and other people’s actions or lack of them affected her behavior. Overall, Straight Enough by Lorinda Boyer is a triumph of embracing one’s identity, redefining love, expressing one true self, and freeing oneself from feeling unworthy of love. It portrays ​a flawed, loving woman who repetitively struggles with excruciating guilt and thoughts that say she deserves to be punished by God.

Amanda from Reader’s Favorite

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