My in person author event at Village Books could not have gone better! Thank you to Fairhaven Village Books in Bellingham, WA, for the diligent work that went into assuring all who entered wore masks and had proof of vaccine cards. Thank you Claire McElroy Chesson for calming my nerves and for pulling the event together despite the complications of Covid. You are lovely and I really enjoyed meeting you in person. Thank you, Lisa Dailey and Sidekick Press for making this book a reality. You took the overwhelming process of publication and made it manageable and enjoyable. You are the best publisher/friend ever! The Narrative Project, Cami Ostman and all the many friends I’ve made through that incredible program, thank you for reading my drafts over and over and over. You didn’t let me write alone! One thing I’m most of proud of is that my longtime therapist Michelle Beller sat in the front row of my reading and I was able to thank her during my talk. She often asked me over the years what I was proud of and I struggled for an answer. But I can say with all honesty I am proud to have followed through on writing my story and I am grateful to her for her unconditional love and support. Thank you to every single person who has supported me and continue to support me. I hope you will glean something useful from my story and that you will share my book far and wide!

Love ya,
Lorinda (& Mollie, too!)

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